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KEEP Collective and Color Street: A Perfect Pairing

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I have always admired those women that seem to have it all together.  Their hair is impeccably groomed, makeup is gorgeous, and their manicures are perfect.  I, on the other hand, seem to ruin my nails the second I finish painting them.  It doesn’t seem to matter how long I let them dry.  I will inevitably chip, dent, or otherwise mar them the very day I finish them.  I’ve had my nails done at a salon a total of three times in my entire life.  I love the look of a fresh, professional manicure, but I just can’t justify spending the money on something so temporary.  Then my friend Hilary Eckert solved all of my problems.  Her Color Street nailstrips are the perfect solution for those of us too busy to wait for our nails to dry and too cheap to pay for a professional manicure.  And even better?  Meaningful bangles and pretty nails make the perfect pairing!

These nail strips are different

If you aren’t familiar with these nail strips, they aren’t just stickers.  Color Street strips are actually nail polish, so they are easy to apply and easy to remove.   Just use regular nail polish remover, and there’s no damage to your nails.  They only take about five minutes to apply, and they last for around fourteen days.  For between $11-14, you’ll receive 16 strips.  If you have small nail beds as I do, you can actually get two nails from one strip.  This means you can get 32 nails from one $11 package…definitely a steal compared to a salon manicure!

Meaningful Bangles and Pretty Nails

My arms are always full of KEEP Collective bracelets that celebrate all of the hobbies, events, and people that I love.  They may compliment my outfits and look pretty, but they also have meaning and sentimentality.  I love that the ease and durability of Color Street allows me to effortlessly complete my looks. 

A Perfect Pairing

For the entire month of March, Hilary and I are joining forces to show you how beautifully our two products merge.  With complimentary patterns and prints, beautiful sparkles and shine, nothing flatters a polished set of nails like a sentimental piece of jewelry.  If you are not already a member, join our VIP groups, Rachele’s KEEP Collective Coterie and Happy Nails with Hilary, today to find our party links and join the fun.

And an extra incentive!

Even better, from now until March 31, you could be eligible for a FREE KEEP Collective charm.  To qualify, just make a KEEP Collective purchase and buy some Color Street nail strips to compliment your new jewelry.   Then share a picture of your combo in my VIP group.  Hilary and I can’t wait to see the combinations you discover!

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