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How Direct Sales Helped Crack This Introvert’s Shell

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I have always been an introvert, although I didn’t always know that term. My mom tells of how I would fall asleep in my stroller nearly instantly when in a large crowd as a small child. Even before I could verbalize my discomfort, I have always felt that socializing was utterly draining.  I once read the best possible definition of an introvert versus an extrovert.  It stated that it has nothing to do with being “shy” or even whether or not you “like” people.  

It all boils down to this:  extroverts are energized by people, while an introvert can only handle short spurts of being social before they need to recharge.  It’s not that I’m “not a people person,” or that I don’t want to talk with people; it’s just completely draining for me to do so.  The amount of mental effort I put into contemplating what I am going to say, envisioning all of the ways I could misspeak or make myself look foolish, is simply exhausting.   

Why in God’s name would an introvert sign up with an MLM?

What could possibly possess an introvert like me to decide a side job in direct sales might be a good idea?  Everyone knows that, to be successful in sales, you have to put yourself out there constantly, approaching strangers and friends on a daily basis.  When I think about sales, my skin crawls.  I don’t like the phone, I don’t like the possibility of rejection, and, after spending an entire day in front of a classroom full of teenagers, I really just don’t have the energy to do anything more than take care of my family.  So what on earth could have attracted me to KEEP Collective?

It had to be the right product

The answer is simple…the product.  I mean, have you seen the KEEP Collective website? Every piece of jewelry in their catalog whispered my name.  Aside from that, I will confess, I was lured in by their marketing ploy.  Sentimental jewelry that tells the story of your most important memories?  It just seems to compliment my actual career so beautifully.  I spend my days helping students find their voice so they can tell their stories.  Why shouldn’t I spend my evenings helping women do the same?  But loving the product wasn’t the only thing that drew me in.  I also felt like it was time to do something for ME.  I love being a teacher; unequivocally I love being a wife and a mother, but both of those roles require so much from me that I sometimes feel like my own desires get lost in my drive to fulfill everyone else’s.

Benefits I hadn’t even imagined

                Originally joining KEEP was going to be “for me” because I would be taking advantage of the generous discount to fill my own jewelry box.  If I made a little extra money on the side,that would just be a welcomed bonus.  But then as my months with the company went on, I found that I wasn’t just making a little extra money…I was making quite a bit of extra money!  And sure, at the beginning the money I was making was just paying back the debts owed to starting a business, but I was also getting recognition from my team and the company.  I was earning bonuses and being recognized as one of the top sellers on my team of more than 500 designers!  Not too shabby for an introvert whose skin crawls at the thought of a job in sales!

Finding confidence in the most unlikely of places

                So how was it possible that I was able to create this amount of success?  It’s simple: I stay true to myself.  There is no doubt that I am working this business far harder than I thought I would when I signed up.  But I am doing it because I WANT to.  I have found that, with each sale made, party booked, and bonus earned, my self-worth has grown exponentially.  I am PROUD that I have become successful at this job that is so contradictory to my personality.  And customers are willing to trust me because I DON’T pretend to be a salesperson. 

My VIP page is full of posts that are ME. Not asking for sales, not pushing my agenda, but just me, being me.  And with each positive piece of feedback I receive from “customers” that have become friends, my shell of self-doubt starts to crack.  Slowly but surely, this“sales gig” that I crazily decided to begin has started to allow my true self to emerge.  And she is beautiful.     

If you are interested in making a little extra money, stocking your jewelry box, or finding your own beautiful self-confidence, contact me about becoming a KEEP Collective designer.         

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