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Care/Of Vitamins Makes Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle Easy

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Everyone is searching for a way to live longer and get fit and healthy quickly. Most of us realize that a healthy lifestyle won’t happen overnight. If there is a way to make achieving our goals a little easier, however, of course we are going to try it. This is exactly what enticed me to take the brief quiz at I know that there are many advantages to taking vitamins and supplements. But, quite frankly, the vitamin aisle is overwhelming and who has the time to do that research on their own?

C/O evaluates your needs to find a regimen that’s right for you

After asking a few basic questions, the quiz gets a little deeper. They ask about your lifestyle, your daily habits, and your goals. It then evaluates your answers and comes up with a list of vitamins, herbs, and supplements that meet the needs that you indicated.

From there, you choose what’s right for you

My original list of recommendations contained seven different supplements. I edited that down to three that I felt fit the needs I most wanted to work on. I loved that I was able to include more non-traditional options. In my box, I’ve included Astaxanthin, which is a carotenoid found in algae and seafood. Astaxanthin helps with skin health and memory. In addition, I included Ashwagandha for focus and a healthy stress response. I was completely unfamiliar with Ashwagandha, but thanks to the research and information that C/O provides, I learned that it has been used in Indian medicine for thousands of years. Those are two supplements that I never would have found on my own.

I love a company that pays attention to the details

How cute and convenient is this packaging?

Growing up with an unusual name, I’m easily dazzled when seeing my name in print. I was thrilled when my Care/Of order showed up at my door and each package was personalized just for me! The individual daily packets of vitamins makes grabbing them on the go incredibly convenient. And, even better, if you download the Care/Of app, you can set a daily reminder so that you do not forget to take your cute little packages.

C/O offers one more incentive for creating that healthy lifestyle

In addition to the reminder, the app actually rewards you for taking your vitamins! When you keep up your healthy habit, Care/Of rewards you with “carrots.” Your stash of carrots can be redeemed for products, gifts, or credits that you can use towards your next month’s supply of vitamins. Carrots can also be earned by referring friends, so if you choose to order your own supply of C/O by following my link, you will not only be taking charge of your own health, but contributing to mine as well!

Your monthly supply of vitamins will be shipped to your door regularly. They remind you several weeks before the ship date, making it easy for you to alter your shipment or postpone the date if you need to. Thanks to the ease of Care/Of, I feel like I am well on the way to living the healthy lifestyle that I desire.

Take Care/Of’s brief quiz and begin your journey to a healthier life as well! m

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  • Sharon

    You introduced me to these right after you started them. I LOVE the convenience and think I do feel better! I also loved the quiz (:

  • Tracy C

    I love the quotes on the packages! Do they ask about the medications you take on the questionnaire? I’m always worried about how vitamins, supplements, and medications interact.

    • starlet10

      They do! The questionnaire is pretty thorough, but of course they advise you to discuss any concerns with a medical professional.

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