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A KEEP Collective Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday I approach with mixed emotions. I do love the opportunity to both give and receive gifts from my hubby. However, I also think it’s silly that the world of commerce demands it from us. We demonstrate our love for each other every day, as do many couples. All Valentine’s Day often does is make those without a significant other feel like they are lacking something.

Let’s Take a Stand!

It is wonderful if you have a significant other that will shower you with gifts this February 14th. But it’s equally as wonderful for you to take the day as an opportunity to shower YOURSELF with love! KEEP Collective is about female empowerment. We strive to give women the tools to live the life they love. So while you can certainly leave this blog post conveniently up on your computer so your partner can read it, you can also take charge of the situation and show yourself some love.

It all begins on January 22

This Tuesday, January 22, KEEP Collective will release their special Valentine’s Day Boutique, featuring some of their best selling items at a 30% discount. It’s the perfect opportunity to add to your collection…or start one!

The Boutique

Let our story beads tell your tale of love

KEEP’s stretchy story bead bracelets feature a leather tab on which you can slide a charm of your choice. With this past winter’s new line, adjustable necklaces were released to match. The berry set, featured in this sale, usually runs $39 for the bracelet and $49 for the necklace, but until February 14th you can purchase them for only $27.30 for the bracelet or $34.30 for the necklace!

The story bead bracelet and necklace in a beautiful berry color are the perfect accompaniment to your Valentine’s day outfit!

A delicate necklace and bracelet combo

The inspo collection are some of my favorite pieces. Simple and delicate, they go with everything and layer beautifully. For Valentine’s day, both the Inspo Wrap Love bracelet, which features rose quartz and rose gold, and the rose gold Inspo Love necklace are on sale. Originally $19, the bracelet is on sale for $13.30 and the $29 necklace is on sale for $20.30

There are so many beautiful options in the KEEP collection that celebrate love. This Valentine’s Day, the engraveable Heart necklace is on sale for $23.80, the engraveable Heart charm, $10.50, and the Pave Heart charm in both gold and silver are only $8.40. You can also get the “Hang on to Your Heart” hematite, which delicately dangles off the charm and is on sale for $10.50.

Charms to represent your heart’s desire

Wear your love on your sleeve…or your wrist

The script “Love” charms in both pave gold and pave silver are absolutely stunning. Formerly $19, they are both on sale for $13.30 each.

Personalize your love story with engraveable charms

Personalization is the perfect way to tell your story. From January 22 until February 14 you can get the mini engraveable Geo Bar in blush enamel or mother of pearl for $13.30. If those don’t provide you with enough characters to express your love, you can also get the larger engraveable Geo Bar in blush enamel or mother of pearl for $20.30.

And find the perfect keeper for your new love charms

With all of these beautiful charm options, you are going to want a new keeper as well! You can purchase the single leather blush/champagne band, previously $29, now on sale for only $20.30. For more length and thus flexibility on the number of charms you can add, the double pebbled leather band in blush/black is only $27.30, when it usually runs $39.

Sure, you can leave the hints around and hope your Valentine picks up on your desires. Or, you can take ownership of your happiness and do a little holiday shopping yourself! I promise…your secret will be safe with me!

Order by February 5 to guarantee delivery by Valentine’s Day.

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